Resolve Complex Contract Disputes with the Help of an Experienced Acworth Mediator 

Every day, people enter into various contracts with businesses and other people.  It is not uncommon for problems to arise with fulfilling the terms of a contract.  When problems do arise, it is helpful to have an effective method to resolve these disputes.  Charles Chesbro Mediation Services can help you resolve your contract dispute in a fraction of the time and money than litigation.

Effective Mediator Helps You Address Contract Issues

Contracts establish the legal rights and obligations of the parties.  However, problems that were not anticipated when entering into the contract may arise or there may be disagreement about contract terms that threaten the continued business relationship.  A typical response to a contract issue is for one party to take the other to court to enforce the terms of the contract or to seek damages.  However, mediation provides an alternative method to resolve these issues in a more cost-effective manner.

An effective mediator can explain how local courts have interpreted certain types of provisions and whether they upheld the agreement so that the parties have a more realistic idea about the potential outcome if they take their case to court.  Additionally, mediators can guide the parties to modify their contract or reach an amicable resolution of a problem that has arisen.  Possible solutions may include:

  • Paying monetary damages
  • Extending the term of the contract
  • Agreeing to substitute a contractor
  • Rescinding the contract
  • Entering into a new contract
  • Agreeing to conduct business together in the future

An effective mediator will guide the parties toward a mutually-satisfactory settlement.

Benefits of Using Mediation to Resolve Contract Disputes

Parties who are open to mediating their contract disputes may experience several surprising benefits, including:

  • Greater time savings – Mediation can often resolve a contract dispute in as little as a day, saving businesses and individuals considerable time by not having to participate in the time-consuming litigation process.
  • Neutrality – Mediation is led by a neutral and unbiased mediator who helps guide the parties toward an amicable settlement.
  • Preservation of relationships – Because mediation is focused on collaboration instead of treating each other as adversaries in litigation, they are often able to move forward and continue doing business together.
  • Flexibility – The parties can sculpt reasonable and creative solutions to resolve their problem.
  • Greater control over the outcome – A judge or jury does not decide the outcome but rather the parties do, so they have much more control over the outcome.
  • Risk management – Businesses can manage risk better by participating in mediation and being clear of the outcome of the case instead of leaving these important issues to a judge or jury.
  • Client satisfaction – Many parties who participate in mediation report being more satisfied with the outcome because they helped come up with the terms.

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