Charles W. Chesbro

Mr. Chesbro has served as a Judge in the Magistrate Court of Cobb County since his appointment to the bench in 1990, hearing criminal and civil cases, issuing arrest warrants and search warrants and handling a variety of issues that are assigned in the Magistrate Court.

Judge Chesbro served as the Legal Research Committee Chair for the Georgia Magistrate Court Council from 1994-2002, updating Magistrates statewide on new developments in the law.

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It’s a fact; the legal industry is changing. So where can you go for alternative dispute resolution? Who can you trust to successfully mediate your cases? The answer is simple… Charles Chesbro.

As a state certified Neutral and Mediator, Chuck can impartially see both sides of the story and assist the parties and their attorneys to negotiate an appropriate settlement agreement that effectively resolves their legal dispute.